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Evaluation: We work with you to help you improve your lifestyle. We have a detailed patient intake form and sit down to speak with you about any issues you have concerning why you have taken the appointment. We have a discussion about your goals and general health. Following the discussion, we will go through a postural assessment, functional assessment, explanations and observations and speak about our treatment strategy. Treatment: During the treatment, the practitioner will explain what we are finding and always maintain a high level of communication to ensure the patient’s comfort. You will be asked to wear lose fitting clothing in order to aid the practitioner with proper movements. In the case of long lasting chronic pain, you recognize that what has been there for years, will not disappear in one or two steps. You are ready to do follow-ups with our practitioners (emails or text messages) in order to constantly improve and refine your treatment plan so you are fully successful in your recovery. Progression Plan: After your session, you may be asked to schedule a follow up treatment. You will also be asked to communicate with the practitioner two-three days following your treatment. At this point you can ask questions. The practitioner will also be giving you a home program to aid your recovery. You will also have a specific training plan in order to maintain and keep improving. This plan will evolve as you progress. Private trainers are available through On The Go Osteo, who can assist in your progression.
On The Go Osteo
On The Go Osteo
Why would I need Osteopathy vs. ???

With Osteopathy we can help with a variety of issues you may have or if wanting to find balance for your overall health.

Osteopathy can help with:
• Decreasing tensions and discomforts in the body
• Posture support
• Digestion support
• Mobility of joints
• Sleeping issues

The framework of osteopathy is finding the underlying issue/s while finding a solution to help manage it.

Looking forward to working with you!
Cheryl 🤩🤩
On The Go Osteo
On The Go Osteo
How are your energy levels?
Did you know Osteopaths help with getting a better, deeper sleep therefore you’ll feel more energetic in your mornings.
Pop in a speak to our Osteopaths about your sleep issues.
On The Go Osteo
On The Go Osteo
How long will it last??

Our bodies constantly change to adapt itself to new environments and situations.

Posture at work, home, during training or even picking up to hold our kids has an impact on our bodies!

We become detectives during sessions with clients as we want them to benefit the most; giving homework, changing postures and seeing what habits we can alter or change to help each individual!

How we use our bodies daily is a variable of how it will maintain 😊

We are looking forward to working with YOU!

If you have any questions on how we can help write us below or send us a message to

Happy Thursday!
Cheryl 🤩🤩🤩
On The Go Osteo
On The Go Osteo
Popping in a hello from New Zealand! Been a hectic few weeks settling in over here. Today I had the opportunity to get out and enjoy nature.
I did a solid outdoor run, felt so good to be outdoors, fresh air and move!
My four pillars daily that I live by are eat.move.sleep.mind.
When these four things are on point my days feel fulfilling and purposeful. When they aren’t, it know I’m missing one of them. Lately I haven’t gotten in enough ‘move.’
Try using the four pillars to assess your day to see perhaps where you need more balance!
On The Go Osteo
On The Go Osteo
New Years Resolutions ?!?!

We can help with that! 😎

Osteopathy and massage therapy can help with achieving mobility, preventing injuries and overall health.

Visit us at to find out how we can help!

Happy Thursday!
Cheryl 🤩🤩🤩
On The Go Osteo
On The Go Osteo

Throughout the years, we learn that many things can influence our body and our overall health.

I decided to write this post today as many of our clients are coming in with goals and visions for the new year and thought I would share my experience!

A variety of things can influence the body, not just foods and physical activity but also what you do in your everyday routine.

Your social circle, your environment, your work – these factors all influence the way you feel, and your body can react to it.

Long term goals are great but also set yourself smaller goals!
• Going for a 20min walk everyday
• Taking some time to visit friends or just talking to someone
• Prep snacks for the next day
• Take an afternoon nap

These can help make your everyday feel richer and less stressful overall which helps your body – long term! 😉

Happy New Year Everyone!

Hope everyone had a great holiday season and wishing everyone a happy and healthy new year!

Cheryl 🤩🤩🤩

I highly

“Extremely friendly and helpful! Really appreciated the work she did on me to fix my hips! Highly recommend. Super convenient for anyone in the downtown core.”
— S. D’Urbano

I learned a great

“I was told by my cousin to go see an osteo. A day after searching on google, I got to see her after some scheduling adjustments. Speaking of her, from first impression, she’s great. You can sense the passion she has for her field and helping her patients. I learned a great deal from my visit. Looking forward to my next visit to see how where I’m at physically and to get more advice and knowledge from her.”
—E. Baluyot


” I’ve had 3 sessions with Cheryl. She was really professional and super nice. She has demonstrated professionalism on several occasions with follow-ups.
Thank you again for this wonderful service. It’s a nice experience.”
— R. Abdalla

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