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Evaluation: We work with you to help you improve your lifestyle. We have a detailed patient intake form and sit down to speak with you about any issues you have concerning why you have taken the appointment. We have a discussion about your goals and general health. Following the discussion, we will go through a postural assessment, functional assessment, explanations and observations and speak about our treatment strategy. Treatment: During the treatment, the practitioner will explain what we are finding and always maintain a high level of communication to ensure the patient’s comfort. You will be asked to wear lose fitting clothing in order to aid the practitioner with proper movements. In the case of long lasting chronic pain, you recognize that what has been there for years, will not disappear in one or two steps. You are ready to do follow-ups with our practitioners (emails or text messages) in order to constantly improve and refine your treatment plan so you are fully successful in your recovery. Progression Plan: After your session, you may be asked to schedule a follow up treatment. You will also be asked to communicate with the practitioner two-three days following your treatment. At this point you can ask questions. The practitioner will also be giving you a home program to aid your recovery. You will also have a specific training plan in order to maintain and keep improving. This plan will evolve as you progress. Private trainers are available through On The Go Osteo, who can assist in your progression.
On The Go Osteo
On The Go Osteo
Acupuncture and PTSD

The oldest documented medical system to recognize the connection between body and mind, Chinese medicine is an optimum treatment choice for trauma victims. There are several forms of trauma. Perhaps the best known is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which is a condition formed after a person undergoes a harrowing physical or emotional event such as a war experience, car crash, natural disaster, or extreme emotional loss. Trauma can also relate to the anxiety, depression, and grief that can develop after a tragic event.

Chinese medicine is particularly effective for trauma relief because the method of diagnosis involves searching for the root of a person’s distress, rather than merely treating the symptoms. By thoroughly investigating the cause of a patient’s stress disorder, origin and continuing source of discomfort and fear is recognized and more readily conquered. Whether a treatment occurs quickly after a traumatic event has been experienced or years later, acupuncture can help relieve tension.

If you think you suffer from post traumas in your life, feel free to book in with and she will create a personalized protocol to help you through your mental, physical and emotional pains.
On The Go Osteo
On The Go Osteo
Pelvic Inflammation and how Acupuncture can help:

Our patients often ask how acupuncture boosts fertility.
One of the ways is by reducing inflammation in the reproductive system.

I recently came across this little study showing acupuncture’s anti-inflammatory effects for pelvic inflammatory disease.

Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) is acute inflammation in your reproductive organs. It is a complication often caused by STIs, like chlamydia or gonorrhea.

With a recent rise in reported STIs cases in Canada, there is an increased risk of women developing the pelvic inflammatory disease.

It’s concerning as you may not realize you have PID. Symptoms may be mild, or you may not feel any difference at all. However, if you have symptoms like
Pain in your lower abdomen; Fever;

An unusual discharge with a bad odor from your vagina;
Pain and/or bleeding when you have intercourse;
Burning sensation when you urinate;
or bleeding between periods,
get yourself checked as soon as possible. It’s important as untreated PID may have major long-term consequences, including ectopic pregnancy, chronic pelvic pain, recurring PID, and blocked Fallopian tubes.

As a result, 1 in 8 women with a history of PID have difficulties getting pregnant.

Li our teacher in Acupucture and head therapist will help you on you way to heal. She is very comfortable and open to treating these issues. Feel free to book online with her:

On The Go Osteo
On The Go Osteo
Acupuncture and Fertility

Can fertility acupuncture help depression? Sounds like it has nothing to do with each other. But let’s have a closer look.

Relax and it will happen, they say. Does your stress cause infertility or does the emotional rollercoaster of not being able to conceive lead to stress and depression? Stress and infertility – a classic Catch-22?

Couples with infertility have increased levels of anxiety and depression. This is a fact. Infertility causes significant distress.

Unmanaged depression can have a negative effect on a couple’s relationship. It affects libido in both partners, it even has a toll on sperm quality. Furthermore, men who have major depression are less likely to conceive a child. And women with severe symptoms have 38 per cent fewer conceptions each month.

So what should you do? Are there any safe treatment options?

Many studies have explored and showed the negative effects of antidepressants on pregnancy and on a baby. We are not yet certain how these drugs affect fertility.

For instance, women undergoing medical treatment for depression are more likely to miscarry. The same study links the use of antidepressants and male infertility. If you are in a position to choose, discuss non-pharmaceutical treatment with your doctor.

Li helps with fertility, please book in an appointment with her to have your own personal protocol.

On The Go Osteo
On The Go Osteo
Acupuncture and Sleep

A good restorative night’s sleep is just a dream for almost a third of us.

Your doctor may tell you that insomnia is not considered to be a disease, but can lead to serious physical and mental conditions.

In fact, according to Professor Matthew Walker, director of the Center for Human Sleep Science at the University of California, Berkeley, lack of sleep is literally killing us.

Lack of sleep may affect the quality of life, affect your concentration, lead to accidents behind the wheel and at work.

Effects of disrupted sleep, and why you should not delay the treatment

Cancer – 40% increased risk: large population studies showed that people who have less than 6 hours of sleep a night have 40% increased the risk of cancer vs people who sleep 7 or more hours. In another study, mice who had fragmented sleep developed tumours that were twice as large

Reproductive health:

Female: Women with sleep disorders are 3.7 times more likely to experience infertility. Shift work can lead to irregular menstrual cycles. Harvard University researchers have shown that shift workers had fewer eggs capable of developing into healthy embryos.

Male: Sleeping too little or too long may affect sperm DNA, sperm count, survival, and motility.

Alzeimers – Stanford University and Washington Medical School have shown that poor sleep increases the levels of two Alzheimer’s-associated proteins including amyloid beta and tau. Treating sleep disorders in older adults results in a delay of Alzheimer’s by years.

Obesity and Weight Gain – the reduced duration of sleep associated with weight gain. You are more hungry and more likely to binge eat when you did not get proper sleep.

Diabetes – perfectly healthy people who had sleep restricted to 4 hours a night had blood glucose similar to prediabetes

Heart disease – 45% increased risk of developing or dying from HD. Losing 1 hour of sleep related to daylight savings increases the risk of heart attack by 25%.

If you would like to stay on top of your sleep take an appointment with Li and she will help you get back on track to help prevent future issues.

On The Go Osteo
On The Go Osteo
Acupuncture and Depression

Has your life spiralled out of control, and you can’t handle it any longer? Do you feel “not right” to be dependent on antidepressants?

Are you concerned about the side effects of these drugs?
We have good news for you.

Depression can respond to acupuncture treatment. And according to a study from Beijing University of Chinese
Medicine, you can expect some improvement within two weeks of starting your treatment.

Even The World Health Organisation gives acupuncture a nod. It reports acupuncture to be an effective alternative in the treatment of depression.

Our Acupuncturist Li is here to make you feel comfortable sharing your thoughts and feelings around depression to help you get back on track.

Click the link below to book online .
On The Go Osteo
On The Go Osteo
Acupuncture and Chronic Headaches

If you are someone who often gets headaches or migraines, you understand how seriously they can impact your quality of life. It can often be difficult to think beyond the pounding in your head! When a headache strikes, finding treatments that bring relief becomes a top priority.

Treatment with painkillers at the first sign of pain is usually enough to curb many mild or infrequent headaches or migraines. However, when headache pain occurs more often or does not respond well to standard pain treatments, doctors will often prescribe preventative drugs. Unfortunately, many of these drugs produce unwanted side effects and are not well tolerated (1-3).

Many adults suffering from chronic headaches or migraines are increasingly turning to alternative therapies for pain relief, such as acupuncture (4;5). Despite acupuncture’s popularity, its effectiveness in preventing headache pain has been controversial.

A study out of McMaster University explains why Acupuncture is an effective treatment for Chronic Headaches
See rest of article here:


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