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Manual​ ​Osteopathy​ ​Specialist
Location: Canada and USA
Type: 35-45 Hours Per Week
Experience: Senior Level
About​ ​The​ ​Role: Manual​ ​Osteopath
On The Go Osteo is seeking a Manual Osteopathy Specialist to support current and future clients needs as we expand in North America. You will represent and act as a professional Osteopath for the brand On the Go Osteo.


At On The Go Osteo we are committed to helping clients understand how to manage and eliminate pain. Osteopaths do this by using a system in order to teach the mind-body connection, correct alignment alongside an Osteopath and maintain alignment and body-balance through a home program catered to each client.
You will be practicing your skills as a specialized On The Go Osteo – Osteopath. You will master our internal system of assessment, treatment and the ability to connect with each client. Our goal is create the highest standard of Osteopaths worldwide.  Through this we must maintain high communication and over deliver to every one of our clients. ​


You have an energetic and charismatic personality. You understand your own health needs and therefore can represent OTGO well because you understand how to be balanced and manage your energy.  You are eager to work with people as well as learn new ways of communication and techniques in order to improve the daily health of our growing community. You enjoy interacting with people and and can create a good relationship quickly along with developing the relationship over time. You enjoy the process of learning more about the company you work for and want to become a part of the culture that has been created. You are constantly learning and keeping up to date in regards to the human body. You are organized and accountable in your work because you take pride in what you accomplish.

Video 1 Submission: Please record a video of a full assessment, treatment and follow up protocol.  Be sure to have you client permission.  You must state if you have treated this client in the past and give a slight history on the progressions. The video must be submitted in landscape, and set up for quality sound and visual.  Please be sure your client is properly clothed and you have written consent from the client.

Video 2 Submission: Please create a video to answer the following questions in regards to your personal practice and vision of Osteopathy:


  • How long have you been an Osteopath and why did you choose Osteopathy?
  • What is your long term vision with your Osteopathy practice?
  • How do you see Osteopathy bettering a community of people?
  • Please tell us what you prefer to specialize in and what type of clients you like to treat
  • How have you deal with difficult clients – please give two examples
  • Expectations you have of working with a team
  • Describe some areas in which you can improve your practice
  • Please explain why you’d like to come on board with us and what type of wage you are expecting
Please provide a copy of the following:
  • Insurance Registration (Mal-practice)
  • Association Registration
  • Copy of your diploma
  • One written reference letter with contact information provided
Before submitting, be sure you have met the following criteria below:


● An eagerness in learning & applying skills to become a world-class Osteopath and/or educator for future practitioners
● You believe in OTGO’s mission and the benefits of Osteopathy in order to help people create sustainable life time change.
● Boundless energy & enthusiasm – You are on the front line and understand that the relationships you build with fellow Osteopaths and clients are important.
● You are equally motivated & productive when working independently as you are when working with our dynamic team.
● An insatiable desire to be the best in the world at what you do, and demonstrate that by showing your work.
● An understanding and ability to implement OTGO concepts and systems.


● Eligibility to legally work in Canada or USA (depending on country of residence)
● Certified Manual Osteopathic Practitioner
● Good organization and time management
● Great communication skills
● Working computer equipment to facilitate efficiency


Please drop your video CV to to indicate your interest in this opportunity to tell us more about your story. We will follow up to learn more about your career goals and qualifications.

I highly

“Extremely friendly and helpful! Really appreciated the work she did on me to fix my hips! Highly recommend. Super convenient for anyone in the downtown core.”
— S. D’Urbano

I learned a great

“I was told by my cousin to go see an osteo. A day after searching on google, I got to see her after some scheduling adjustments. Speaking of her, from first impression, she’s great. You can sense the passion she has for her field and helping her patients. I learned a great deal from my visit. Looking forward to my next visit to see how where I’m at physically and to get more advice and knowledge from her.”
—E. Baluyot


” I’ve had 3 sessions with Cheryl. She was really professional and super nice. She has demonstrated professionalism on several occasions with follow-ups.
Thank you again for this wonderful service. It’s a nice experience.”
— R. Abdalla

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